Inflyter CEO at Hamburg Aviation Conference

Wassim Saade, Founder and CEO of Inflyter is taking part in a panel session at the Hamburg Aviation Conference, on February 22 in Hamburg, Germany.

The session is titled “Retail and Customer Experience Stories – Innovative approaches with a holistic view on the customer journey.” Customers get used to seamless experiences, end to end, combining offline and online for their purchases, switching devices, location and communication methods as it suits them best at the moment. Everything, everywhere, now is the expectation, without any limits.

Wassim will be discussing his views and perspectives with a selection of key industry peers:
Simone Van Neervan – Head of Innovation, Vueling
Ward Decaluwe – Director Passenger Experience, Brussels Airport
Alexander Von Bernstorff – Director Airline Solutions, Ineres
Mark Bergsrud – CEO, Grab




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