Inflyter launches world’s first digital duty free vending machine with Lagardère Travel  Retail Switzerland.

Inflyter launches world’s first digital duty free vending machine at Geneva Airport.

Inflyter is proud to have pioneered and developed the world’s first automated duty free retail proposition. This first installation has been delivered at Geneva Airport for Lagardère Travel Retail Switzerland.

This represents a key milestone in the new era of phygital customer experiences where the blend of physical and digital assets has created a new and complementary customer journey far beyond click and collect. This travel retail innovation starts with mobile commerce and ends with a physical asset integrating customer facing technologies.

It is a custom-designed, digital vending machine offering travellers a fully digital duty free shopping experience 24 hours a day, not just when the airport store is open. It helps satellite distribution across all areas of their airport, converting high traffic airport zones into a self-service revenue generating spaces where physical stores would not be commercially viable.

Travellers flying into Geneva Airport can order, pay and collect Duty Free items in under 60 seconds, offering them a fast and convenient way to shop, and provides travellers with a fully digital and contactless purchase experience should they prefer to shop in this way.

The automated retail solution allows travellers to buy directly from an interactive touch-screen menu of the bestselling duty free products. Travel and age verification checks are made using an integrated scanner for boarding passports and identity cards, and once payment is made, the relevant compartment doors automatically open and the customer can retrieve their items, and the associated customs documentation and receipts are issued.

Please see the news published in the Moodie Davitt report below.

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